Moroccan furniture NYC Is one of the leading companies providing genuine and authentic Moroccan furniture from local artisans and the global market as we are stationed both in New York, Marrakesh, and San Francisco but operate globally.  

  • Global Shipping Partners

We assure worldwide shipping of our furniture and furnishing pieces and also facilitate shipping for our clients in parts out of the world.

  • Shipping Details

For shipping our orders across the globe, we use courier companies like DHL and FedEx Express expedite shipping facility.

Your partnership with Moroccan furniture NYC for furniture purchase or rentals, peace of mind is assured. Also, we promise safe and quick delivery of your orders from our stores and other local and global platforms.

To receive your order at a selected address, you have to provide us the full clear and proper address of the delivery place.

P.S- No deliveries can be made to a PO Box by our courier companies.

  • Need For Your Contact Telephone Number

For the international orders, you will have to provide us with the full daytime telephone number while checking out. This will be only used by our courier companies to coordinate delivery with you if needed.

  • Delivery details of Pillows or Poufs

We ship our pillows, cushions, and poufs stuffed so that our clients can enjoy using them without a wait. 

  • Order Tracking

For order tracking, we share an email with the relevant tracking number. This will help you keep tabs on your purchase and where the order has reached since the dispatch from our end.