About Us

Growing up within the heart of the old walled medina of Marrakesh, Abdel Elanbassi, founder of Moroccan Furniture NYC, connected with artisans from an early age. Like many of his friends, Abdel chased soccer balls through the labyrinth streets and played hide and seek in the stalls of the souks. But among his favorite childhood pastimes was lingering in his grandfather’s leather workshop, handling the precious tools, and marveling as his grandfather skillfully made round leather poufs, pointy babouche slippers, and traditional leather goods. Back in the courtyard of their family home, Abdel’s mother supported the family by hand-embroidering intricate one-of-a-kind designs onto slippers for sale in the souk, while his grandmother hand-loomed rugs and kilim pillows, using wool of sheep raised in Berber Atlas Mountain villages and other supplies procured from lively Rahba Kedima square, the heart of Marrakesh’s carpet and basket weaving quarter.

Even now, Abdel finds comfort in the smooth touch and earthy scent of Moroccan leather, the delicate handiwork of Moroccan embroidery, and the vibrant colors of Moroccan carpets and textiles. He appreciates and admires the hard work and the hand work of artisans from Morocco and around the globe.

In creating Moroccan Furniture NYC, Abdel seeks to preserve the art and tradition of global handicrafts, and to connect clients with the culture, spirt, and skill of artisans. Each one-of-a-kind item bears not only the history but the opportunity of its maker, and fuses tradition with modern living. Many goods are sourced directly from multi-generational artisan families, to ensure fair income for producers and high quality for our clients.     

Whether as props for a film shoot or festive event, or decorative objects for everyday living, Moroccan Furniture NYC provides unique and exotic objects to evoke unique and exotic moods.

If you would like to know more about us and the furniture, rugs, pillows, poufs, floor cushions, lighting, home accessories, and other products that we offer, or the artisans behind them, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are passionate about promoting the global handicraft economy and about helping you make your vision come to life.