Why Moroccan Furniture NYC?

Because we are one of the leading furniture / home decor retailer who offers our customers carefully crafted and sourced products from around the world with masterpieces. We understand our clients' desire for a quality collection of exquisite furniture pieces. So, we provide them mesmerizing handmade products created by Berber artisans of Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains. Alongside, our assemblage has products inspired by global art forms like Uzbek Ikat, Turkish Kilim, etc.

We have always focused on creating a culture with designs. So we sell and rent the best Bohemian goods and furniture or props to create an exotic mood in your home, business, event, or anywhere you want. 

An extraordinary feel for you & guests!!

Range of Products

We are offering from vintage velvet tent panels, antique Moroccan doors, brass trays, teapots, luxury lighting, pillows, poufs and rugs, and more needed to make the perfect ambiance for any event or location furnishing.

Our Base Theory

Having said, “Your home should be a story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love”. We are providing a special collection of new and vintage Moroccan Decor items both for purchase and rental basis. Display the perfect prop to party, be it backdrop or the centerpiece, always!!

Our Clientele’s

We have been associated with photography stylists, fashion and luxury home editors, set designers, caterers, floral designers, party decorators, birthday, bar and bad mitzvahs, anniversaries and wedding decor, and a lot more. We specialize in building and decorating sets and event spaces for whosoever wanting over-the-top.

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