Morocco Party Rentals & Arabian nights

Morocco Party Rentals

Envisioning the event space or film studio look inspired by themes like 1001 Arabian nights, Nostalgic Casablanca, a boho-chic vibe, or modern arabesque flair?

Moroccan Furniture NYC can make any theme come true on the floor (and in the air) at your desired location with props and party rentals needed for Moroccan themed parties events, films, or photo-shoot.

Our Assistance Has Helped Many

We have assisted production designers, art directors, photography stylists, film production companies, fashion and home editors, set designers, caterers, party decorators, event planners, floral designers and wedding and party planners, and more to create look the client wants. Our product range takes in vintage velvet tent panels and antique mother of pearl furniture to carved wooden tables, floor lamps, teapots, pillows and everything else needed for a Moroccan theme party or any event like Wedding celebrations, birthday parties, product launch, corporate events, henna party, film production, ad-shoot, sweet 16 parties, Bar and bat mitzvah celebrations and more.

Browse Our Website

You are welcome to scroll through our portfolio for inspiration available on our website to see sample products available for Moroccan party rental including seats, tables, outdoor furniture, decorative accessories to name a few.

We can discuss your idea for an event or you may request a custom quote for budget and other assistance. We are always happy to help you realize your vision, turning it into a real-life setup. 

Unique Products Our Specialty

To meet the expectations of our clients, Moroccan furniture uses best quality handcrafted art pieces of lighting, accessories, and home decor items sourced directly from Moroccan and global artists. A quick transformation of your event space or film sets is feasible with our Moroccan Party rentals.

Enjoy The Exotic And The Most Authentic Moroccan Experience With Us!! 

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