At Moroccan Furniture New York, our main incentive is to provide you with a delightful and surprising experience with the unparalleled, eminent and extravagant approach. We work precisely to gather products from every corner of the world and craft them effectively to give rise to unique Moroccan Furniture. We make sure that when you choose any Moroccan furniture from our store, you take a unique piece of treasure to your home. 

Moroccan furniture is intricately designed by hand-carvings and hand-chiselling. The extensively patterned surface, natural wood material and vibrant fabrics with the shade of red, gold, people, green and blue gives it a perfect royal look. The lamps, mirrors, metal pieces and accessories made from bronze and brass are beyond praise. 

With our target in a distinguished assortment of handmade Moroccan treasure, our goods are made by Berber artisans of Morocco's High Atlas Mountains. We also draw inspiration from other areas of architecture supremacy like Turkish Kilim and Uzbek Ikat. 

We at Moroccan Furniture aims at providing immensely notable, chic, classic Bohemian goods and furnishings that elucidates an alluring asset in your home, event, office or any other space which you want to look venerable.

Coming to the variety of our creations, we have an array of unique Moroccan doors, Velvet tent panels, teapots, pillows, brass trays, rugs, luxury lighting and rugs. Moroccan furniture caters to your every need of embellishment that you need for an Arabian themed party, film, video shoot or photo-shoot. 

We also encompass an outstanding assemblage of modern vintage Moroccan decor for rental as well as buying purpose. From prop to party and Backdrop to centerpiece, we have got you covered according to your vision. 

Our cortege incorporates fashion, set designers, photography stylists, luxury home editors, caterers, party decorators, floral designers, birthdays, bat mitzvahs, weddings and anniversaries. Moroccan Furniture New York apprehends, sets up and decorates sets and event spaces for photography stylists, eminent designers, film production companies, art directors and event planners. 

In contemporary times, Moroccan style furniture and pieces of art are looked at as a masterpiece. The intriguing blend of elements and designs springing from a diverse architectural history is reflected very well. 

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